Guidance and Counseling Department


Guidance and counseling is a very essential department in any institution. It is like the oil to the engine part of any vibrant machine. Learners in this school are drawn from diverse backgrounds thus as a department we have a major role to ensure that learners appreciate one another, their environment, teachers and other members of the school. The department moulds them to have a new outlook at issues as they grow up. It also helps them to unlock their hidden potential. Above all the departments’ major role is character shaping thus learners have to work on their character for that is the utmost purpose why God created us.


The following structures have been put in place to foster the smooth running of the school:

      Intensified peer counseling

      Intensified group guidance

      Having a fully functional Guidance and counseling department office

      Liaison with well established Guidance and counseling organization like, Amani and Straight Talk






 Magui secondary school is privillaged to have a form four class with 3 stream (Blue, Green and Red) with a total student population of 125 …

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